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Why you actin' like a Bia Bia? Cuz, I am THE real Bia Bia!!

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22 June 1982
~*~Live for music~*~

I love the bands listed below. I love going to shows, local or big, they're all fun! I also love going to bars, clubs, parties, get togethers, anything fun and upbeat! I'm pretty easy to please! I'm laid back, easy going, friendly, outgoing, considerate, fun loving, animal lover, gay rights/pro choice woman, non religous, but doesn't mean we can't be friends, just don't press your beliefs on me! I work in radio and love it!! Most of my posts are friends only, but if you want to add me just send a comment over!

"I gave my heart to rock 'n roll...."
311, 50 cent, a perfect circle, afi, alternative, audioslave, backstage wristbands, ball chains, bars, baseball games, being a blonde, being backstage, big and clunky bracelets, black eyed peas, black eyeliner, blondes, bubble guns, calling to say hello, china town, christmas shopping, clubs, collages, common, concerts, converse, cuddling, cute clothes, cute shoes, cypress hill, dancing, dazed and confused, deejaying, deftones, delicate necklaces, dickies, digital cameras, dirty dancing, domeshots, doors, dredg, drinking, driving around aimlesly, dropkick murphys, dyeing hair, e-cards, e.o.s, eleventeen, eminem, empire records, escaping, fingertight, fire flies, flogging molly, french kisses, friends, friendship, get-togethers, glam rock, glass jaw, green day, heiroglyphics, hugs, ice cube, incubus, jimmi hendrix, kanye west, key to arson, kickboxing., kisses, kurupt & dpg, late night conversations, lauryn hill, letters from friends, live bands, local bands, love, make up, making new friends, making out, marin county, maxwell, memories, millencolin, mini polaroid sticky film, misfits, n.e.r.d, natt, neck kisses, neptunes, notorious b.i.g., oleander, operation iv, orange 9mm, parties, party city, photography, pictures, pink, pins, posters, punk, punk rock, radio, rancid, reconnecting with old friends, refused, rings, road trips, rock n roll, samiam, shopping, shots, simon says, sixteen candles, skateboarding, smiles, snoop, snot (rip lynn strait), snuggling, staind, stars, summer nights, sunny day real estate, super nintendo, superman, talib kweli, talking, taproot, tattoos, the beach boys, the bouncing souls, the clash, the distillers, the phoenix theatre, the ramones, the real mckenzies, the rolling stones, the who, the wonder years, thrice, tiger army, tool, tsunami bomb, tupac, yeah yeah yeahs

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